In the frame of the COROT space instrument, we have developped a CCD test bench.

The bench main goals are :

  • Acceptance of the various CCD type, measurement of the main characteristics.
  • Calibration of the flight CCD model to select them (4 over 10).
  • Validation of the hight precision photometry.

After a first step of "technological tests" (on a smaller CCD with the same building process) a new bench is now working on at the Meudon Observatory.

This one as been enterely internal developped : electronics, optics, mecanics...

The CCDs calibration.

It will be done chip by chip on one hand by the manufacturer (Marconi Applied Technologies/EEV) and on the other hand by us on the test bench. After all this test four CCDs will be selected for the flight camera and dedicated to the two scientific objectives.

If you have any remarks, questions or comments contact the author's pages, Jean-Tristan Buey from Medon Observatory.


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