The first DPS meeting in Meudon.

On the 29/30 march 2001.

The DPS is a collaboration work between DLR (Berlin) and Meudon Observatory on the Corot CCD test bench.

The DLR develops an electronic card used to compress the CCD output to be able to acheive long term photometric measurement with resonnable amount of data on hard disk. To fixe the idea on full image readout we have 4 billions pixels, with the DPS one image can be reduced to 32,000 pixels, routhgly a reduction ratio of 140 (in version 2 DPS this ratio will be of 3E4!!).

On the 29/30 march 2001 Eric Peter from DLR came in Meudon and showed us the electronic prototype card and discussed with us on the futur of the work.

We can se here the DPS. The two boards are dedicated for each of the two outputs of the CCD. This card can be pluged inside the BCC2000 electronics to replaced the optical-emitter electronic card. The software inside the DPS can't be seen at that level!!

So, let's have the meeting together!! It seems to be very serious and people are so concentrated on the electronic card.
We emphasis on the different points :
  • DPS functionality.
  • Interface : software and hardware.
  • Schedule and verification methodology.
  • DPS version 2.
Don't worry Eric, the job is OK!!!
On Thursday it was sometimes hard for Eric. The journey from Berlin took him only 9 hours!!!!
So, at that time we can say that the work is successfully (good understanding from each team, exchange of idea and respect of schedule) and the DPS requirements will be achieved in a few weeks. The next rendez-vous is scheduled at the end of April to test the DPS in our electronics.

Pour les non anglophone le travail entre le DLR et Meudon est très satisfaisant (bonne compréhension de chaque partie, échange d'idées et respect des délais) et les spécifications du DPS seront atteintes d'ici quelques semaines. Le prochain rendez-vous est pris pour la fin avril pour le test du DPS dans l'électroniques du banc de test CCD.

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